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Air Source Heat Pump with High Quality Standard Storage Tanks


Heat from the air is absorbed at low temperature into a fluid. This then passes through a compressor where its temperature and pressure are increased, and transfer its higher temperature heat to the condenser and inlet cold water become outlet hot water through heat exchange. Then the fluid temperature and pressure are decreased by passing through throttling device. Then after going through the evaporator, the low temperature and pressure fluid turns from liquid to gas and enters into the compressor again. This cyclic phase change process can continuously heat the water in storage tank. The COP(Coefficient of performance) of this heating process is over 4.0


Variable Frequency Drive An inverter for assembly on motor board, directly powered by solar panels, and the novelty consists in the fact that, even if it is a variable speed drive that can operate also "island mode", that is to say without power supply from the net, it needs no voltage stabilizers and batteries between solar panel and inverter. It can be mounted, for instance, on a pump used in places where the electrical power supply is not available. NOELs Variable Frequency Drive offers the following advantages It can work with a wider number of pumps that are already installed, since these are normally with AC motors, without any need to replace the pump. AC motors are in fact the most used on pumps, they are more economic and they can reach premium efficiencies The installation and the maintenance of these systems is known and accessible for all technicians worldwide Compared to DC pumps the current is lower, the cables are of thinner section, and there are less cable losses It is possible to connect the pump at the same time to solar panels and to the net or a generator, to make it work when the sun is not enough or during the night Higher max power, up to 11kW