High reliability design
  • Double conversion Online design, which makes the output a pure sine wave source with tracking frequency, phase-lock and voltage regulation, low distortion and without power fluctuation interference, providing the load with more comprehensive protection.
  • High reliability during operation
  • Pure online with static bypass technology, provides a strong protection against overload and fault. Built-in manual maintenance bypass, further improves the reliability of continuous operation.
  • Strong protection for load
  • Built-in isolation transformer, strong anti­interference ability, provides more comprehensive protection.
  • Wide input range
  • The range of AC input voltage is 380V ± 20%, thereby it reduces the battery using frequency and greatly extending the battery life. Wide input frequency range, ensure all type of generator compatible.
  • Comprehensive and reliable protection
  • Self-diagnostic function before start-up, avoid the risks thatthe failure may lead to. The multi-protections such as overload, short circuit, over temperature, battery under voltage, battery over-charge and so on greatly ensure the system stability and reliability . Built-in static electronic bypass switch, when UPS fail, it can transfer to bypass mode and continue to provide power to load.
  • Adoption of IGBT
  • Adoption of IGBT inverter & Charger saves energy & coupled with an isolation transformer, enhances the reliability and load adaptability.
  • Strong redundancy/parallel ability (DSII Series)
  • Same Unit can be directly connected in parallel, increasing the scalability of the system. Non-fixed master-slave relationship: Among several UPS in parallel, the unit startup first is master UPS , the others are slave UPS. The master and slave can be exchanged. If the inverter of one UPS fail, the UPS will automatically cut off the output, then the load will be powered by remained UPS.
  • User friendly network management
  • Communication with computer can be realized by RS-232 with corresponding monitoring software. The various parameters can be shown on the communication interface.
  • External SNMP adapter (Optional)
  • The UPS with remote network management capability can provide real-time data for communication and management through a variety of network management systems.
  • Fully coating PCBAs to withstand harsh environment
  • The outside cabinet is designed only with locks without any screws and all PCBAs are coated for anti-moisture, anti-electric leakage, anti-dust and anti-corrosion. Its robust design is suitable for harsh environment with high temperature, high humidity, dense dust, salt, or fierce vibration.

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