Line Interactive UPS


DSH II Series is suitable for industrial and facilities applications. Industrial process and control system, industrial machinery, instrument and measurement, process monitoring and control, security and transport systems Infrastructures (Hospital, airport, semiconductor, water treatment, metallurgy) Energy industry (gas and oil, nuclear power) Military application


    True online double conversion with DSP control
  • Double conversion between input/output, battery and bypass are totally isolated power line noise, spikes and transients. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control provides an improved solution with high performance.
  • Robust electrical performance to prevent damage from top and bottom connections
  • This UPS is designed to accept wide input voltage and frequency range to cope with the worst utility conditions. It can eliminates harmful distortion from utility power and withstand all kinds of severe impacts from various loads. It's capable to support heavy duty equipment, production equipment and DCS (Distributed Control System) system.
  • Fully coating PCBAs to withstand harsh environment
  • The outside cabinet is designed only with locks without any screws and all PCBAs are coated for anti-moisture, anti-electric leakage, anti-dust and anti-corrosion. Its robust design is suitable for harsh environment with high temperature, high humidity, dense dust, salt, or fierce vibration.
  • Unique ventilation design for effective heat dissipation
  • Unique ventilation design allows heat to rise by the process of convection. Therefore, the UPS cabinets can be added in parallel side by side for space-saving.
  • IGBT Charger for Improve Input Power Factor Correction
  • Unique and efficient feature for input power factor correction
  • Flexible battery configuration adapts different applications
  • The number of batteries can be adjusted flexibly according to different power demands.
  • Accepts dual-mains inputs
  • DSH II Series is allowed to connect two separate power inputs to increase operation reliability.
  • Front access makes maintenance and replacement easy
  • It's considerate to allow easy access to all of the electronic cards and power components in the unit through the front panel for further maintenance and replacement.
  • High short-circuit and overload
  • This UPS is built-in high short-circuit protection. Once short circuit occurs, this mechanism will be activated. The load will stay protected and the UPS will remain intact. High overload protection supports 110% for 60 minutes and 125% for 10 minutes
  • Easy integration into existing electrical networks or generator
  • During wiring connection, DSH II Series UPS can be accessible either from top or from bottom under different environmental conditions. Besides, this UPS is fully compatible with generator.
  • Parallel capability up to 4 units
  • Up to 4 units in parallel can be operated without adding additional hardware, increasing system capacity as well as operation reliability for power redundancy.

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