Line Interactive UPS

EPX + SERIES (10-250KVA)


  • Online Double-Conversion.
  • DSP Technology Guarantees High Reliability.
  • True Inbuilt Galvanic Isolation Transformer Design.
  • Control Designed to Withstand all kinds of Loads.
  • Intelligent Battery Management to Prolong Battery Life Cycle.
  • Redundant Fan Design and Independent Ventilation Enhances Durable Operation Under Harsh Environment.
  • Adjustable Battery Numbers.
  • Accept Dual-Mains Input.
  • Parallel Operation with up to 6 Units (Option).
  • Variety of Communication Options Available.
  • 5.7 Inch Colour Touch Screen Display for 80-120KVA.
  • IGBT based charger for smart battery management & improve input power factor.

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