Noel Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer Three Phase

Description Three Phase
Capacity 3 KVA to 2000 KVA
Input Voltage295-465V / 330-480V
Output Voltage 380/400v/415V(Settable)
Nature Of Cooliing Aircooled/Oilcooled
Output Voltage Regulation +1%
Efficeincy >98%
Input Frequency 50Hz,+3Hz
Effect of Load Power Factor Nill on output voltage
Speed Of Correction 60V/Sec
Servo Motor Drive/Type Ac Synchronus stepper motor & opto coupler based traic drive
Display Type LCD/LED
Displayed Parameter Input/Output Voltages,Hz,amps
Protections Under Voltage/Over Voltage cutoff,Overload and short circuit protection SPP,PRP
Type & Control Design Micro Controlled (DSP) based with O/P Sensing feedback system
Operating Temperature 0-50 degree celsius
Manual By Pass Facility Through change over switch above 100KVA optionalThrough change over switch above 100KVA optional
Front Panel Enter,Up/Down key
Distoration of waveform Nil(Same as Input)
Effect of Load PF Nil(on output voltage)
Nature of winding Copper Variacs
Enclosure CRCA mild steel
Standard of Stabilizer As per I.S. 9815
Oil standard As per I.S 335
Reset Auto/Manual
Event Recorder Fault Detections Optional
Conections Input/Output 7way terminal connector.

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